12 Food Trends Coming in 2015

We’re nearing the end of 2014 and as we do more and more researchers start to lay their predictions on what food trends we can expect to appear in 2015.

The trends are predicted by Kara Nielsen, culinary director at the advertising agency Sterling Rice Group and offer a brief insight into what we might expect to see appearing in restaurants, kitchens and on supermarket shelves over the next 13 months.

We’ve collated the list of trends, which include more smoky flavours, fermented foods, coconut sugar and Matcha Japanese tea.

You can also watch Nielsen explaining her predictions in a video interview with Supermarket News.

Top Food Trends for 2015

1 – Broth – or the idea of sipping broth for health benefits is something to expect. Apparently we’ll all be standing around drinking fresh bone broth thanks to brands like Pacific Foods and their products like chicken and lemon grass broth in a carton.

2 – Gruit Ales – ales brewed by replacing hops with herbs and aromatic mixes. We’ve already seen this happening and recently highlighted a device that lets people inject aromatic flavours into their beer.

3 – Japanese Matcha Tea – Forget regular green tea, 2015 will be all about Matcha, a finely powdered Japanese tea that is said to have greater health benefits than regular teas.

4 – Coconut Sugar – another health driven trend as consumers look to substitute regular sugar with healthier alternatives.

5 – Fermented Foods – we’ve also noted this trend and brought you a pretty useful guide on how to start fermenting your own food at home.

6 – Marijuana Edibles – as more and more States start to legalise Marijuana, more and more shops offering edibles are opening. It’s perhaps the most interesting new food market to appear in recent years, with chefs working on new found ways of cooking with cannabis.

7 – Pistachios – apparently the new nut of the year will be the Pistachio so get ready for Pistachio butters, spreads, drips, oils and of course milks – as we type, a farmer somewhere is already searching for the teat of a pistachio to bring us gallons of it’s wonderful nutty juices.

8 – Filipino Cuisine – if last year was the rise of Latin America, apparently, 2015 will see us all gain a new found appreciation for Filipino food.

9 – Smoky Flavors – love this one, best one on the list – get ready for new found smokiness as chefs start to develop stronger techniques for adding wonderfully smoky flavours to foods.

10 – Grains – it seems we all want to jump straight onboard the grain train and you can expect more of the same in 2015. You may have only just learned how to say quinoa but that’s a 2014 grain, instead, look out for Kaniwa and Teff.


11 – Kalettes – this is an entirely new hybrid vegetable – a cross between brussels sprouts and kale.

12 – Same Day Food Delivery – a number of services, Amazon the most notable, are now stepping into the same-day food delivery sector. These services will expand, increase and speed up in 2015 as more and more of us choose to order fresh food daily online.

12 Food Trends Coming in 2015

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