12 Ways to Make Tartare at Home

The hardest part of making tartare is buying a really good piece of fish or beef. After that, it’s an easy task as long as you have a sharp knife. Here, our best recipes for beautiful, delicious and simple tartare (including two for vegetarians!).

1. Tartare Delmonico with Béarnaise Sauce

For their unconventional tartare, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone quickly sear beef before finely chopping it. As an homage to Delmonico’s, they use the Delmonico steak cut—the eye of the rib eye.

2. Salmon Trout Tartare with Pressed Caviar and Tomatoes

Salmon trout has a mild, delicate taste, but regular salmon is also delicious in this bright-flavored tartare.

3. Avocado Tartare

This clever recipe treats avocados much like steak tartare, dicing them very fine and tossing them with capers, onion, mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

4. Asian Tuna Tartare

This Asian-inspired tartare is flavored with homemade ginger oil, wasabi, sesame seeds and jalapeño.

5. Smoked Whitefish Tartare with Herb Oil

This easy and delicious smoked-fish starter takes just a half-hour to make.

6. Gravlax-Style Salmon Tartare with Dill Oil

For this variation on classic salmon gravlax, the fish is cut into small cubes and cured quickly overnight in a mix of salt and sugar.

7. Tomato Tartare with Tomato Water

Jacques Pépin’s tomato tartare has the look of the original raw beef dish and is delightfully refreshing for a first course.

8. Marinated Tuna Tartare with Goat Cheese

This sublime first course boasts the unlikely combination of rich tuna and smooth goat cheese.

9. Spicy Salmon Tartare with Cabbage, Green Beans and Herbs

Bryant Ng reinterprets the spicy Thai meat salad called larb with raw sushi-grade salmon. The result is light, bright and fiery, with heat from two kinds of chile: dried red and fresh Thai.

10. Beet Tartare with Horseradish and Caraway

This simple dish is made with grated, roasted beets mixed with toasted caraway seeds, salty anchovies and tangy capers.

11. Tuna Tartare Crisps

For his clever twist on tartare, chef Lee Hefter tops baguette toasts with sushi-grade tuna, avocado, pickled ginger and a dollop of wasabi mayonnaise.

12. Texas Smoked Salmon Tartare

These spicy, tangy little hors d’oeuvres are chef Dean Fearing’s take on the classic combination of smoked salmon, red onion and capers—he throws in roasted garlic, lime juice and jalapeño and replaces the standard cream cheese with sour cream.

12 Ways to Make Tartare at Home

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