15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover

You’re a wine lover (or even fancy yourself a wine snob) and your friends constantly poke fun at you. Perhaps they laugh when they see your travel case of hand blown Sommelier Series wine glasses. Or scoff at you when you send back a bottle of red wine because it’s too warm. Well this poking-fun goes both ways my friend. It’s time to reveal everything that drives us wine lovers nuts.

Here are 15 frustrating things about being a wine enthusiast:

1. Someone drinks your special wine when you’re not around.

2. You can’t bring yourself to drink ‘art-opening’ wine ever again.

3. Finding a wine you love and then finding out it’s sold out.

4. Never having enough space for food in your fridge.

5. Showing off your wine collection makes you feel like a schmuck.

6. Storing a bottle for years and finding out it’s gone horribly bad.

7. Opening an old wine only to discover that you used to have horrible taste.

8. Having an amazing wine and no one to share it with you.

9. Seeing your friends store perfectly good wine on top of the fridge-

10. You just don’t know how to react when people accuse you of being a wine snob.

11. Being depressed when your friends prefer their $12 Malbec to the bottle of premier-cru Burgundy you bought them.

12. When your friend recommends that you try “Cupcake Wines” and you’re like: Really?! Really?!

13. Your coworkers look down at you when you drink a glass of wine at lunch.

14. You just don’t understand how people can get away with drinking crappy wine.

15. No matter how you imagine it, too much wine is a bad thing.

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