2 Gold Medals for Croatian Chocolate at International Awards in London

Ice cream, desserts and coffee brand Gustolato from Croatia have won two golds and a bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards held in London this week…

Gustolato won gold in the ‘Spreads with milk chocolate’ category for their Spalmabile al Pistacchio Greco – a Greek pistachio spread, and also in the ‘Unflavoured milk chocolate cremino’ category for their Cremino classico Nocciola Piemonte. They picked up bronze in the ‘White chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts’ category for their Mandorla d’Avola.

Gustolato’s operations are based in the Istrian town of Novigrad, where they produce ice cream, pastries and coffee for the Croatian and regional markets based on traditional recipes and artisanal methods. There are 5 Gustolato outlets in Croatia – in Fažana, Novigrad, Rijeka, Umag and Varaždin. A shop in Zagreb is set to open in the near future.

The International Chocolate Awards in London saw more than 800 competitors from 5 continents take part. Gustolato was the only competitor from Croatia, or the region, to win gold.

2 Gold Medals

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