3 Italian Christmas Dessert Recipes

We are so excited about the upcoming holiday season we wanted to share some of our favorite Italian Christmas dessert recipes. These classic desserts are so delicious they’ll be a great addition to your holiday celebration. The best part? They’ll be made from scratch.

3 italian dessert recipes

1. Mini Panettone

Panettone is a quintessential Italian Christmas treat laced with fruit, citrus and cognac. Made in miniature size, it makes for a sweet party favor or holiday gift.

2. Chocolate Panforte

Excellent when paired with Vin Santo, a sweet dessert wine, panforte is a must at an Italian Christmas gathering. You’ll love this chocolatey version.

3. Struffoli

Christmas in Italy doesn’t get much sweeter than this Neapolitan classic. Sweet dough is fried until crispy then coated with honey and sprinkles for an decadent treat.

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