300th anniversary Special Edition: Martell Premier Voyage

Martell Cognac has announced the launch of a limited edition new blend in recognition of its 300th anniversary next year. In celebration of the House’s Tricentenary, Cellar Master, Benoît Fil returned to Martell’s roots to create the Martell Premier Voyage. The unique new blend contains 18 eaux-de-vie from Martell’s cellars. Using Jean Martell’s original correspondence, Fil pieced together a map of Jean Martell’s key suppliers from 1735-1742, and began to retrace his footsteps 300 years on. After crafting the blend and then ageing in barrels made from the oak of a 300 year-old tree, Martell Premier Voyage was born.

The nose initially presents very generous notes of candied orange peel, blackcurrant, honey and gingerbread. Swirling brings out its full elegance and reveals subtle notes of old walnuts combined with generous notes of dried fruit, apricots and raisins. On the palate the attack is both full and delicate, with generous aromas of candied fruit still discernible. Martell Premier Voyage then develops a hint of blackcurrant, providing a perfect complement to a very rich and elegant aromatic range and underpinning a long finish in which notes of spice and beeswax come to the forefront.

Recognising the discerning tastes of the Martell connoisseur, world-renowned French conceptual artist Bernar Venet was invited to lend his distinctive, minimalist style by creating a stunning artwork in which to house the precious cognac. Venet’s timeless design comprises metal arcs which are divided into three clusters, evoking the 300 year anniversary, which shelter a simple and elegant teardrop-shaped Sèvres crystal decanter.

300th anniversary Special Edition Martell Premier Voyage

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