5 Awesome Knives For Chefs Who Have Everything

When it comes to awesome Christmas foodie gifts, do you know what you’ll get for the professional cooks and chefs in your life? Perhaps they’d enjoy receiving a thoughtful present such as the cutting-edge knives featured below. Each knife is designed with a specific task in mind, making it easier to tackle tasks like shucking oysters and cutting chocolate.

5 Awesome Knives For Chefs Who Have Everything

The Edisto Oyster Knife

Professional cooks on your Christmas list will appreciate this gorgeous oyster knife crafted in Carolina Lowcountry.

Handmade Chocolate Knife

This beautiful chocolate knife made in Tuscany was ‘designed for the pastry chef who has everything.’

Silhouette Japanese Knife Set

Professional cooks and chefs obsessed with cool design will love these stylish and functional Japanese knives.

Bone Shaped Knife

Designed for professional cooks and chefs who have a bone to pick, this unique knife is made from durable German steel.

Andreas Caminada Knife Set

This luxurious santoku and bread knife set was designed by Michelin-starred chef Andreas Caminada.

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