5 Stew Recipes To Help You Beat Cold Weather

Hearty, tasty and satisfying these stew recipes are a surefire way of warming up on a cold winter’s night. Whether you favor seafood, chicken or red meat, these stew recipes offer a little something for everyone. So get ready to combat freezing temperatures with a bowl of these comforting stews.

5 Stew Recipes To Help You Beat Cold Weather


This hearty Mexican stew made with pork, chicken and hominy is an excellent way to keep warm.

Japanese Seafood Stew

Seek refuge from the cold with this hearty stew featuring scallops, shrimp, ginger and noodles.

Coq au Vin

Learn how to make this classic French chicken stew with his recipe from legendary chef Paul Bocuse.

Brazilian Shrimp Stew

This alluring stew laced with coconut milk and spices will bring a bit of the tropics to your table.

Wild Boar with Chianti

A hearty Tuscan stew featuring wild boar simmered in wine – the perfect antidote to a bone-chilling weather.

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