6 Alcohol-Free Drinks

This summer while you are planning barbecues, beach trips and back porch drinking, you might come to a crossroads in your planning. While friends and family who are of age can partake in any cocktail, punch or beer mish-mosh that you present to them, there is that one age group that can put a serious damper on your cocktail menu plans.

What should you serve to the kids?!

Thankfully, summer is a perfect opportunity to experiment with a variety of light, fruity flavors that are friendlier to the kid palate than the heavier, hotter and creamier drinks served in colder months. Another great part of an alcohol-free drink menu? Friends and family who are of age but are playing designated drivers can enjoy some delicious cocktails without having to worry about drinking too much before getting behind the wheel. And those who are drinking can simply mix in their alcohol of choice if they insist on an extra kick.

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