7 Most Unique Ice Cream Inventions…Ever!

As an homage to the last days of summer we decided to take a look at the most unique ice cream inventions we’ve ever come across. Some are just curious inventions while others are completely mind blowing. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

1. Magical Hot Ice Cream Maker

This awesome ice cream maker was designed specifically for acclaimed chef Jordi Roca’s ice cream shop. The chef developed a special way of serving ice cream inside a freshly baked brioche. The invention is simply magical!


2. Ice Cream That Won’t Melt

Ice cream is supposed to melt, right? Well, thanks to the invention of WikiPearls you’ll never have to deal with ice cream running down to your elbow ever again. These edible wiki cells were developed by Harvard professor David Edwards.


3. The Ice Cream Spoon

Isn’t it frustrating when ice cream is too hard to eat? All you want to do is dig in but the frozen pint won’t let you. That’s when you should reach for this special ice cream spoon designed to use body heat to melt ice cream.


4. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Tired of someone sneaking into your Ben & Jerry’s pint? Well, put a lock on it! This cool ice cream lock was invented by a Ben & Jerry’s fan and offers the ultimate ice cream security.


5. Bicycles That Churn Ice Cream

Peddler’s Creamy in Los Angeles makes ice cream in a very creative way: every single flavor is churned using a bycicle. It’s the most eco-friendly method we’ve ever heard of when it comes to making ice cream.


6. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Molecular gastronomy has influenced food in giant ways, including how we make ice cream. The fastest way to make this cool treat is to bust out a tank of liquid nitrogen.


7. The Ice Cream Shower

Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom recently ran a very cool promotion that involved showering crowds with vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Can you imagine dancing under an ice cream storm?


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