9 Category-Defying Spirits

Not that long ago, you just needed a few bottles if you wanted a well-stocked home bar: some bourbon, cognac, gin, rum, Scotch, vodka and, if you were adventurous, tequila. Now there are, of course, countless varieties of those staples, as well as a slew of new creations like barrel-aged gins and vodkas made from honey and milk sugar.

But some distillers aren’t satisfied staying within the confines of traditional spirit categories and are getting seriously creative. How creative? They’re coming up with altogether new types of liquor. So, check out these nine truly unusual and inventive bottlings and then let us know which one you’d like to try.

corsair-red Corsair Red Absinthe

In case you’re bored with traditional green absinthe, you may be interested in Corsair’s Red Absinthe. The spirit is flavored with the traditional absinthe botanicals, plus citrus peel, tarragon (a relative of the infamous wormwood plant that’s also known as dragon wormwood) and hibiscus, which gives the spirit a sweeter, floral flavor—and its distinctive red hue. One aspect that doesn’t break with tradition: a powerful kick. The stuff is 112-proof!

absolute-tune Absolut Tune

We love topping cocktails off with bubbly, and Absolut has taken this idea even further. Its Tune is a mix of vodka and sparkling sauvignon blanc wine. Just chill it and serve simply in a flute glass.

vodquila Vodquila

Yup, Vodquila is exactly what it sounds like it. The spirit is made from a blend of sextuple-distilled vodka and tequila imported from the Jalisco highlands. Now, if they could just figure out how to combine a Margarita with a Martini…

 white-rumskey White Rumskey

Can you guess what’s in this mash-up? It’s, of course, a mix of rum and white whiskey. The unique combination was dreamed up by the newly founded Las Vegas Distillery. The company recommends substituting White Rumskey for any recipe that calls for either spirit, like a Mojito or the 1972 White Dog Julep.