A Double Skinned Banana – Only in Japan

Anyone who gets upset about over the top packaging should probably look away right now, in fact, just shutdown your computer because this banana from Japan is going to drive you, well, bananas.

Japan is famous for it’s love of luxury fruits with some shocking prices payed for foods we consume on a daily basis. One Japanese man paid $26,000 for a pair of melons with closely matching patterns and one man paid $15,000 back in 2013 for a melon from the first day of the season.

Now, a Japanese banana company is hoping to attract custom with a double skinned banana. The distributor of the Shiawase banana, which is grown in the Philippines before being shipped to Japan, has worked with the Nendo design agency to create some unique packaging that mimics the real skin of a banana.

It’s a simple sticker that covers the banana’s real skin and when peeled back it reveals what looks like the banana’s flesh, instead people eating the banana find some text that explains the story of the banana.

The fruit is also packed in a bag which is made to look like a banana leaf. Great idea or total waste of packaging? In a country where the sale of a limited edition banana priced at $6 each is totally acceptable, we guess this double skinned gimic will be a success.

A Double Skinned Banana - Only in Japan

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