A Recipe by Daniel Humm

A twist on the usual roast, give Daniel Humm’s lavender glazed duck with fennel and peaches a go, as seen in FOUR’s International Edition…

Serves 8


Duck jus

26kg duck carcasses, cut into 5cm pieces

4tbsp duck fat

900g sliced onions

450g diced carrots

450g diced celery

450g diced leeks

450g diced celery root

5tbsp tomato paste

16oz port

24oz red wine

10 sprigs thyme

2 bay leaves

25 peppercorns

1.36kg chicken feet

10l chicken stoc


Duck spice

227g szechuan peppercorns

227g dried coriander seeds

113g cumin seeds

113g dried lavender flowers

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A Recipe by Daniel Humm