A Smart Wine Sommelier for Your iPhone

It’s the latest wine app to try and render the sommelier obsolete. After telling the app your wine and beer preferences, Next Glass claims to be able to deliver personalized recommendations based on your taste profile.

Here’s how it works: After rating wines and beers you’ve already tried, the app collates the data and comes up with your own personal taste profile.

At the liquor store, users scan the wine or beer label with their smartphone and receive a personalized score shown as a percentage meant to predict the likelihood that they’ll enjoy that particular brand.

In addition to the score, the app also delivers information like calorie and sugar content as well as alcohol level.

Users can also befriend spouses, relatives and friends on the app and see their personal preferences — a handy tool when shopping for gifts or a bottle of wine for dinner parties.

Currently, developers say the app has about 23,000 wines and beer brands in their inventory and a 96 percent accuracy rate.

A Smart Wine Sommelier for Your iPhone

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