ABAHNA, The Ceremony of Bathing

Abahna was created to enhance the benefits that bathing can bring. Using gentle ingredients and fragranced using carefully chosen essential oils, the products have been designed to look as good as they are kind to your skin.

The ceremony of bathing does not stop when you step out of the bath. Wrap yourself in large, fluffy bath towels and relax whilst you massage Abahna’s hydrating Body Lotions into the skin. The lotions are available in four fragrances to match the Abahna bath products so you can layer your scent and enjoy the fragrance on your skin throughout the day or night.

Frangipani & Orange Blossom Bath Foam 500ml

Sumptuously bubbly bath foam, enriched with organic chamomile, aloe vera and wild flower honey, gently soothes your skin as part of your daily bathing ceremony. Mild coconut-based cleansers are fragranced using pure essential oils to delight the senses.


Frangipani & Orange Blossom – A soothing scent with a vibrant yet calming effect, bringing inner peace. Replenish and restore inner harmony at the end of a busy day to help you relax and prepare yourself for restful sleep. Sink into a froth of fragrant bubbles and enjoy the skin caring effect of essential oils.


Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot Room Spray 100ml

Scent your surroundings with this exclusive Abahna room fragrance. Presented in a stunning printed glass bottle with gold seal and coloured ribbon and packaged in a decorative gift box which will look stunning in your bathroom or cloakroom. Spray liberally to create a mood-enhancing ambiance for your home.


Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot – An uplifting scent with a warm, comforting aroma to bring the emotions back into balance.


Sleep aromatherapy pillow mist 50ml

Take the fragrance of your bath to bed with you using our pillow mist to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Using 100% essential oils, the Abahna Sleep pillow spray acts as a natural sleep aid that will fragrance your bed and calm the nerves.


A relaxing blend of lavender, neroli and clary sage to help you drift off to sleep after a soothing bath.

Spray a fine mist over your bed linen and pillow before getting into bed and allow the relaxing fragrance to calm nervous tension and promote restful sleep.


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