An Introduction to the wines at RAW

Some maintain that wine has never been better, cleaner, more consistent, or travelled so well as it does today. Equally, wine has never been made with so many pesticides, additives, preservatives and processes. Most wines, including some Bordeaux crus classés, Champagne Grande Marques and household brands are nowadays no longer made exclusively from grapes. They are products of the agrochemical food industry. The concept of wine’s ‘poetry’, its artistry or romantism, or indeed its exceptionality as a product with a sense of place is becoming rarer.

Wines at RAW are not that. They are natural, artisan products. They come from organic agriculture, as a minimum, but may also be from farms that are biodynamic or use permaculture or perhaps the Fukuoka model. The agricultural practices used are sustainable. What sets the wines apart though from other conventional organic and biodynamic wines, is that they are made naturally in the cellar.

It is difficult to comprehend how rare this is unless you understand where the vast majority of wine is at today. RAW is therefore committed to transparency, as Isabelle Legeron MW says “my aim is to promote transparency in the wine world in order to support the art of authentic wine production. I want to help people think about what they drink. It is not about condemning practices; it is about raising awareness so that people can decide what they drink. At the moment, they can’t.”

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