Antibes Yacht Show 2012

Antibes Yacht Show first opened its doors in April 2007 in response to a strong demand for a spring show in the region. It is dedicated to the brokerage and charter of larger yachts. Since 2011, a designated refit area has been added in the Bastion St Jaume, widening the appeal of theAntibesboat show.

Antibes Yacht Show is proud of the Port’s History and from the very first year asked Mr. Camille Rayon to be the Show’s Honorary President. Mr. Rayon was a real pioneer in the creation of many ports in the region and without his vision the Port Vauban would not be what it is today. It would have never been able to welcome yachts such as M/Y Dilbar, M/Y Kingdom, M/Y Carinthia VII or the M/Y Maltese Falcon to only name a few. You can read more about Mr. Camille Rayon on the page dedicated to the Port Vauban.

From 2007, Antibes Yacht Show visitors have increased year on year. The first year there were 8 000; in 2011, there were just over 13 000 yachts lovers coming from 65 different countries to discover the 150 yachts exhibited. Antibes Yacht Show combines beautiful spring weather withEurope’s largest yacht marina.

New in 2012:

  • Networking connections:Antibes Yacht Show gives you the opportunity to connect on line with your potential clients prior to and during the show to organize your own networking.
  • A new late evening will take place on Friday April 13th. Exhibitors will be able to welcome their clients and visitors until 9pm.
  • A new ‘Yacht Hop Day’ will allow exhibiting brokers to visit the yachts present at the show.
  • Antibes Yacht Show is improving the layout by creating a patio (interior courtyard) in the marquee of the Bastion St Jaume.

The 2012 show will continue to feature:

  • MOTOR and SAILING yachts from 15 to 60m for BROKERAGE and CHARTER
  • A REFIT area in the Bastion St Jaume
  • Dedicated Lounges (see below)

The Captains’ Lounge:

Located on the beautiful terrace of the Bastion St Jaume from where one can have an overview of the entire show. This area is exclusively reserved to captains.

They can come with a guest and rest in the peaceful setting, have a drink or enjoy the complementary free breakfast or lunch.

The Crew Lounge

Created in 2011, the Crew Lounge was tremendously successful. Located in the 3 arches of the Bastion St Jaume, crew participating in or visiting the show are welcome to visit the lounge.

In the Crew Lounge complimentary drinks are served all day long (coffee, tea, sodas etc… beer and wine during happy hour).

Many fun or instructive activities are being organised; there will be something for every sector in the crew industry.

The Press Lounge

It is reserved for press members only. This area exhibits diverse media publications (yachting and luxury), as well as the exhibitors’ press kits.

This is an area where members of the press can come and relax or do their interviews; the hostess on site is there to inform them of the various seminars and events happening during the show.

In 2011, the area was doubled in size as we also welcomed several exhibitors’ press conferences.

The VIP Lounge

Several special privileges are given to VIP badge holders. They have their own luxurious area in the show where they can relax and enjoy complimentary champagne.

Our official limousine partner offers VIP badge holders FREE transfer from the airport to the show, as well as the trip to and from the hotel in Antibes Juan Les Pins.

Those who visit the show by car have the possibility to either park in the VIP Parking, or take the VIP shuttle from the other side of the port to reach the entrance of the show without waiting.

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