Bacardi 8 years old

BACARDI® 8 is aged for more than eight years in carefully selected oak barrels. After ageing it is blended to perfection featuring notes of prunes, apricots, nutmeg and vanilla over a clean woody background of oak. Its taste is smooth, rich and very full with a long and expansive finish.


OK, let’s get one thing straight: the Aurum is most certainly not your raucous student party tipple. This is a cocktail designed for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic moment. So save it for an intimate candlelit date with that special someone in your life. The Aurum was created by top London-based mixologist David Cordoba, and is named after the Latin word for gold. It looks golden, tastes golden, and… well actually it is golden. We kid you not. The world’s finest cocktail bars serve it with a spectacular ice-ball made with edible gold leaf. Yes, that’s little flecks of gold that you can eat. Like we said, the Aurum is guaranteed to impress.

baracdi-glassesWhat You’ll Need

1 1/5 parts Bacardi 8 Year Old Rum

2 parts Noilly Ambre

4 dashes old fashioned bitters

Mineral or boiled water

Gold leaf


Step 1. Put a teaspoon of edible gold leaf into each ice mould and fill with mineral or boiled water.Step 2. Freeze the ice ball(s) overnight.Step 3. Before making the drink, shave the gold leaf ice cube into a smooth ball.Step 4. Put the gold leaf ice ball into a glass and leave in the freezer until ready to serve.Step 5. Put all the other ingredients into a mixing glass, add the ice and give it a good shake.Step 6. Strain into the frozen glass with the gold leaf ice ball.

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