Beautiful Flower Desserts From Japan

From the world’s most expensive grapes to eggs that taste like yuzu, Japan is always at the forefront of the latest dining trends. Most recently, the country is experiencing a craze for dainty edible flower desserts available only in a shopping area in Tokyo.

The beautiful edible flower desserts pictured below are a blend of gelatin, Bavarian cream and assorted flowers. They are sold at a pastry shop called Havaro – which is a play on the Japanese word for flower and the French pronunciation of “bavarois” – located in the Ichibangai shopping area in Tokyo Station.

Havaro’s sells the gorgeous treats in a range of sizes – from large ring-shaped desserts called ‘bouquets’ and small domes called ‘fleurs’ to bite-sized cubes called ‘petals.’ The petals come in a pack of eight and sell for 1,800 yen (US$15). The tiny bite-sized edible flower desserts sell for a bit over $2 each.

Havaro’s edible flower desserts are incredibly time consuming to make and sell out everyday, Rocket News reports. So if you can’t make it to the shop feast your eyes on the treats below or try your hand at making this edible flower aspic at home.

Beautiful Flower Desserts From Japan

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