Behold The Self-Aerating Wine Glass

Is it a hassle to fetch a decanter every time you want to enjoy a nice bottle of vintage wine? Forget digging through the cupboards! Instead pour your wine into this self-aerating wine glass and enjoy in just seconds.

The Fountain Aerating Wine Glass was invented by Los Angeles-based designer Dillon Burroughs several years ago when he was enjoying wine with his father. They wondered if there was an easier way to aerate wine without having to bother with a pesky decanter. Burroughs put his career in real estate on hold to pursue his innovative idea and the rest, as they say, is history.

The self-aerating wine glass has a central cell where the “wine flows and cascades” while “instantly releasing the rich bouquet of flavors and aroma.” A set of two retails for $48 on Uncommon Goods.

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