Big boy superyacht toys


It wasn’t so long ago that the water toys onboard superyachts consisted of a pair of flippers, some snorkelling gear and maybe one jet ski. This was thought of as perfectly adequate but in an age when superyachts are becoming mini islands, the need for more advanced technology to keep guests amused is evermore important.


A superyacht, generally considered any yacht over 24 metres in length, needs to keep up with the Joneses, so what happens if the yacht you are particularly fond of doesn’t have the toys you require? No problem. Rent them.

More and more companies are offering super-hi-tech water toys for charter along with qualified crew if required. What would you choose?

Deep sea diving – with a glass of champers.

Explore Davey Jones’ Locker without getting wet, even with a glass of champagne in hand. The Triton Submersible range is a series of subs designed specifically with superyachts and their guests in mind. The most powerful in the series is the 360003 sub, which is capable of reaching depths of 3600 feet carrying one pilot and two passengers, thanks to Rayotek’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes (a high-strength speciality glass to you and me).


James Bond time

Think back to the James Bond film Thunderball, when Bond attempted his escape using a jet-propelled backpack. This cool gadget (well, a similar one using water) could be at your disposal should you choose one of the many yachts that have it as part of its toy box, or if not, you can always hire one for the duration of your yacht charter.

The JetLev Flyer – essentially a water-jet powered backpack – enables its user to reach 30 feet in the air and travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. How does it work? The pump system in the floating unit drives water at immense pressure up a pipe to the backpack, which then expels it through two nozzles to create lift – the effect is spectacular, with high-pressure plumes of water firing downwards like the plumes of an Apollo rocket.

Flying on water

Hovering a full 12 inches off the water’s surface, the ultra-sleek Marlin ‘Platinum Black’ Edition from Flying Fish Hovercraft is the coolest tender or fun-ride on the market. Designed with a slick grey/black finish, the hovercraft can reach speeds of up to 50mph and is equally at home on sea as it is on land. It’s exterior maximises its aesthetic appeal by making use of clever reflective materials and its interior is equipped with a carbon fibre dash complete with LED ‘mood’ lighting for its controls.


This cool new toy, out later this year, has been turning heads at many a yacht show in the past few months. The Helicat 22 is to all intents and purposes a catamaran platform with a helicopter-shaped pod on top, and it is designed to withstand rough water. It is the perfect superyacht companion due to its multifunctional qualities. Being extremely diverse, its uses are almost unlimited on the water, whether you want a cool way to arrive on an island, go fishing, or ski off the back….


The helicopter-design has led many to ask, ‘Does she fly?’ In the air? No. On the water? Yes. She can reach speeds close to 40mph in good conditions. Her basic design is for zipping about on the water, and weighing in at only 730kg she can be stored on your superyacht quite easily.

She can fit 2 people at the moment, but Helicat is looking at adding additional seating later this year. Keep your eyes open for this unusual addition to the superyacht toy box.

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