Blast from the past: Cointreau “Roaring 20’s” Limited Edition

Cointreau, the original French orange liqueur, has released its “Roaring 20’s” limited edition. This special limited edition bottle celebrates the free-spirited women of the 1920s. The Cointreau Roaring 20’s Limited Edition is given a retro spin, featuring unmistakable elements of the Jazz Age. In celebration of the bold, coquettish, free-spirited women of the era, the classic Cointreau bottle is encased in an Art Deco-inspired bronze metal box starring the silhouette of the iconic 1920’s Flapper, toting a Cointreau Fizz in mid-dance.

The 1920’s marked the Golden Age of cocktails. Inspired mixologists invented the most visionary and creative recipes with Cointreau, while the streets of Paris played host to many a cocktail party – at Place Vendôme in the Ritz Hotel, the Side Car sparked literary conversations; a few blocks away at the Harry’s Bar, the White Lady fired up the night. Cointreau cocktails danced around like flapper dresses and these stylish drinks became a lifestyle statement for charismatic women, and led to the cocktail classics that we know today. Sophisticated yet adventurous, unconventional yet elegant, women of the twenties indulged in these timeless creations.

The Roaring Twenties were the glorious days when women took their destinies into their own hands: they started working, driving, and going out without escorts. Hemlines were raised, pants replaced corsets, long tresses traded for chic bobs, and dancing in feathers and pearls were all the rage. Adopting a subtle masculine touch to their feminine elegance, the women of the 20’s became the beautiful muses of their time – and style icons to last an eternity.

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