Bocuse d’Or Winners 2015

The Norway team have been announced as the winner of the Bocuse d’Or competition for 2015.

The winning team was headed up by chef Ørjan Johannessen. Second place went to the United States who jumped from seventh in 2013 to gain a place on the podium – they were headed up by chef Philip Tessier. Third spot was awarded to many people’s predicted favourites Sweden and chef Tommy Myllymaki.

The best commis chef prize was given to the team from Finland and their chef Antti Lukkari. The special fish prize went to the Japanese team and special meat prize was awarded to Finland.

Summarising the event, Honorary president of the competition Grant Achatz said: “It’s been an amazing experience here in Lyon and I had a lot of food, all excellent. I will say that it becomes very apparent when you’re sitting up here watching all these teams put so much effort in how much hard work is done.”

Chefs represented teams from 24 countries around the world came to Lyon to take part in the bi-annual competition which was founded in 1987 by the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse. The teams work for two years perfected a specially made meat and fish platter to present to the judging panel which is made up of high profile chefs.

The European Bocuse d’Or awards in 2016 will take place in Budapest.

Bocuse d'Or Winners 2015

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