Bordeaux Illustrated

For two years ending in August 2012, Scottish artist Jonathan Warrender traveled around Bordeaux with a mission to illustrate the region’s most famed Châteaux. He tells The Drinks Business:

During his long hours sitting among the vines, Warrender was particularly struck by the industrious activity going on around him. “I was terribly impressed by how hard people work there,” he remarked. “The vineyard workers were absolutely charming – in fact one of them ended up coming to work on our sheep farm.”

While many of these estates have been regularly depicted in a range of media over the centuries, Warrender lamented what he feels is a modern preference for commissioning photographic representations.

“The thing about wine is that it’s such a craft and has such a strong tradition,” he observed. “From my point of view it’s a great pity that they’ve got themselves terribly involved with photography. Ideally it’s a terribly artistic place, where three drawers looking at the same view could give very different interpretations.”

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Bordeaux Illustrated