Break the Rules: Wine with Mexican Food

It seems unbelievable but it’s true: Mexico has a long history with wine. The oldest known winery in North/Central America is located in Coahuila, Mexico. It was established in 1597. Wine Renaissance in Mexico: Today there are many top Mexican restaurants that have large wine lists. So what are the best types of wine with Mexican food? Let’s find out.

Did you know? Mexico ranks about 25th in the world for wine and produces as much as Oregon.

Why is Mexico more famous for beer and tequila?

Fermented agave and mezcal were already commonly used for religious purposes by the time the Spanish started distilling Tequila in the 1700′s. The ubiquitous margarita (developed after prohibition ended in the 1930′s) made tequila popular to the masses. As far as beer is concerned; it’s popular because it’s readily available. German influence brought lager(beer) to Mexico and it’s produced

3 wine food pairing trade secrets

#1 The Rule of Spice

The general rule is that the spicier the food, the colder and sweeter the wine should be. Also, lower alcohol wines and moderate tannins dissolve the burning sensation of capsicum.

#2 White meat = white wine

Most of the time you can match the color of the wine with the color of the meat. Red meat? Red wine. White meat? White wine. Check out our guides on Pairing wine with Fish and Pairing wine with Chicken for more details.

#3 What color are the herbs?

Foods with a lot of green herbs tend to beg for wines with higher acidity and more herbaceous flavors. Sauvignon Blanc is a great example of an herbaceous wine with higher acidity. Because of the spice in most Mexican dishes, we suggest a more fruit-forward Sauvignon Blanc, such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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