Brunello Bruisers

Conscious that the Wine Supply season for yachts is creeping towards us, we thought it best to get some new wines lined up as possible contenders for our new 2013 “Core Wines”! For those of you not completely “au fait” with the way we work here at FWW, we try and source the wines a client actually wants wherever possible, rather than relying on massive warehouse stocks and trying to persuade the customer to take what we have a lot of. BUT painfully aware of those last minute, “don’t suppose you can deliver tomorrow??” scenarios that we face each season, we do hold stocks of what I call the “usual suspects” – big name Champagnes, the “must have” trendy Rosés and such like. We also like to put together a small range of wines for which there is typically high demand and which give us flexibility when a Chief Stew doesn’t really know what she wants but have been asked to find some “nice reds for about 50 – 75€”.

Certainly, Italy continues to go from strength to strength and demand for certain categories of wines from this wonderful yet incorrigible country keep on growing. Brunello di Montalcino DOCG from that sultry temptress, Tuscany is one of those wines for which exigency has increased dramatically in the last few years. Sangiovese is the great grape of Chianti and here in the stupidly pretty hill-top Mediaeval town and its surrounding vineyards we have stumbled across the wines of Fabio Giannetti and his team at La Fornace.

Where La Fornace have really come up trumps is that they do have some stocks of mature vintages! A lot of producers just want to sell you their current release and Brunello can be a fearsome beast when served too young. But La Fornace have some wines from both the fabled 2004 and fabulous 2006 which are just coming into their stride perfectly and have Critics and Wine writers melting to their knees. So all in all, perfect for our delightfully fickle and last minute clients on board their Superyachts this Summer – not interested in wines for long term, careful nurturing – no, I want to drink it with my friends next Tuesday!!!

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