Why Is Everyone Suddenly Drinking Aloe Juice?

We’ve heard beauty and wellness experts say that a green juice a day keeps aging skin away, but a new trend takes it to another level: drinking aloe juice. Not the gooey gel savior of sunburns, but a clear, slightly sour juice derived from the aloe plant [Read more…]

This Arm-Wrestling Juicer Aims to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

If you’ve ever wanted to prove your strength by fighting an orange, this is about as close as you may ever come. As part of a campaign to help get kids interested in healthy eating, [Read more…]

Will Charcoal Be This Summer’s Go­-To Juice Flavor?

We may have just found the first weird health-food trend of the summer: charcoal. Pressed Juicery just released two new limited-edition juices, available through June 30. [Read more…]

Cryofiltration: Perfectly Clear Juice from Fruits and Veggies

Crystal clear and flavorful tomato water? Transparent gazpacho? Pepper water? Clear apple juice that doesn’t oxidize? Perfectly clear consommé with almost no effort? Cryofiltration sounds complicated but it is very easy and it [Read more…]

Mariah Carey Launches A Drink Called ‘Butterfly’

Will drinking a beverage called Butterfly make you sing like Mariah Carey? One can only hope! [Read more…]

Smashing Pumpkin

Base Spirit: Rum

Type: Modern Classics

Served: On the Rocks

Strength: Medium

Difficulty: Complicated

Flavor Profile: Bubbly, Fruity/Citrus-forward, Salty/Savory, Sweet [Read more…]

Arizona diet green tea with ginseng

Arizona beverages include ready-to-drink teas, tea bags, juice blends, flavored waters and smoothies. Some flavors of Arizona ready-to-drink green teas with ginseng are mandarin orange and honey, Georgia peach, pomegranate, Asian plum, red apple, extra sweet, diet and decaffeinated diet green tea with ginseng. They come in 20 oz. bottles, which means they have 2 1/2 servings per 8 oz. bottle. [Read more…]

6 Alcohol-Free Drinks

This summer while you are planning barbecues, beach trips and back porch drinking, you might come to a crossroads in your planning. While friends and family who are of age can partake in any cocktail, punch or beer mish-mosh that you present to them, there is that one age group that can put a serious damper on your cocktail menu plans. [Read more…]

Miami Boat Show: Marriott Biscayne Bay Opens Luxury Boater Bar

Sit back and relax this weekend. Attendees at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show can come in for a break and check out the Miami Marriott’s luxury Boater Bar. This pop-up lounge is located on the fifth floor of the hotel and will be opened today through Feb. 21, from noon until sunset. [Read more…]

Blackberry is healthy – from the root to the fruit

Although many like to eat sweet blackberries not many do know how very healthy this whole plant is; its leafs, flowers, root and fruit. [Read more…]