Treat Your Whisky Right With the $5,000 TUMI and Johnnie Walker Tasting Case

TUMI and Johnnie Walker Blue Label have teamed up for the holidays to offer a limited-edition tasting kit. Called the TUMI x Johnnie Walker Blue Label Tasting Case and restricted to only 65, the case is inspired by the very first rare casks that were chosen [Read more…]

The Macallan Rare Cask Black

The Macallan Rare Cask Black is truly extraordinary unlike any other Macallan today. It signals a bold departure from The Macalllan’s traditional look. A unique, travel retail exclusive, premium all-black bestows Rare Cask Black [Read more…]

The Dalmore unveils Limited Edition 21 and 30-year-old single malts

The Dalmore, perhaps the world’s most revered single malt, has unveiled two limited edition whiskies at Whisky Live 2015 – The Dalmore 21 and The Dalmore 30. With 8,000 bottles of The Dalmore 21 and only 888 bottles of The Dalmore 30 being produced, [Read more…]

New Game of Thrones beer announced

The next Game of Thrones beer by Brewery Ommegang has been slated for release next spring. [Read more…]

Martell VSOP La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy

Martell VSOP launches a new limited edition bottle called La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy, adding the House of Martell’s underlying French legacy to the typically local expressions of the party. [Read more…]

How to Decode Any Whiskey Label

Ideally you want to get into a whiskey bottle, not spend all your time reading it like a cereal box. But to ensure you actually like what you buy, it’s probably a good idea to know how to decode a label. [Read more…]

Blue Milk of Tatooine

Channel the alien planet from Star Wars with this creamy combination of gin, coconut cream and blue curaçao. [Read more…]

Stoli ‘evolves’ with first entire redesign in 80 years

Stolichnaya Vodka has unveiled the first ever packaging redesign for its entire range since the brand was launched almost 80 years ago. [Read more…]

‘Smart Beer Mug’ Tells You When It’s Empty, Can Call Cab at End of Night

Imagine a beer mug that knows when it’s empty, keeps track of how many brews you’ve downed, and could even call a cab for you after you’ve hit you’re limit. [Read more…]

Portobello Road launches asparagus gin

London-based spirits producer Portobello Road has released a limited edition expression of its small batch Director’s Cut gin distilled with British asparagus. [Read more…]