Huffington Post journalist would like to marry – Paski Sir!

Look, we know that we can’t actually marry cheese. And we wouldn’t even want to marry a lot of them. Roquefort, you’re fun sometimes, but you can get a little moody and have a sharp tongue. Gruyere, you’re mostly awesome but can try a little too hard to be a crowd-pleaser. [Read more…]

The Cake of Rab – traditional delicacy from the island of Rab

Arriving  with a ferry to the north-east part of the island of Rab, you will meet a completely barren and rugged landscape. [Read more…]

Family Farm Magriž: Krk’s Very Own Cheese

The island of Krk has an indigenous type of sheep’s milk cheese, of which they are very proud of, although there are not many producers left nowadays. And only recently has it been registered as a local delicacy. [Read more…]

Chocolate with Pag Island Cheese

Produced exclusively from the milk of the autochthonous sheep on the Island of Pag, Paški Sir is the most famous ewes’ milk cheese in all of Croatia. This is a one-year-aged pasteurized cheese made from the sheep raised on the island of Pag, Croatia. The sheep are a special breed, smaller than average with limited milk production. [Read more…]

Branding Dalmatian Culinary Heritage

For a long time we have been watching how the Istrians are light years away from other Croatian regions when it comes to branding their wines, olive oils, gourmet scene, traditional produce, almost anything. They made all the right moves, they are unified and they are skillfully selling their story. We wanted so badly to see the same thing happening in Dalmatia, a beautiful region with so much diversity and such a great tradition. And, let’s not forget – the region which gets most tourists. But then again, unity is the word… [Read more…]

New app for Croatian wine and food pairing

Have you heard about the new Android app called Cro-wine? Cheers and let’s check it out! [Read more…]

Croatia has its own Grand Cru – meet Grand Cro!

Grand Cro association gathers nine excellent Croatian wineries – winery Baković, BIBICH, Bolfan Vinski vrh, Boškinac, Duboković, Korta Katarina, Meneghetti, Roxanich and Saints Hills. [Read more…]

Labinski krafi – the noblest pasta in Istria

There is a long standing tradition of pasta in Istria, a clear inflence of the Venetian republic that ruled the peninsula for centuries. Many types of pasta are still now made in a traditional way at home, like fuži, pljukanci and posutice, especially for some special occasion. [Read more…]

Acquerello the ultimate rice, now available at Yacht Gourmet Croatia!

“Tastier, richer, and healthier”

Acquerello is the ultimate Carnaroli “Extra” rice, produced and packed by the Rondolino’s family on the Colombara farm, in the heart of Vercelli province. [Read more…]

Extremely healthy and delicious sprouts are now available at Yacht Gourmet Croatia

Extremely healthy and delicious sprouts are now available at Yacht Gourmet Croatia [Read more…]