Watercress and Ricotta Torte

Packed with grassy, spicy watercress and plenty of cheese, this frittata-like tart from Frédéric Morin works wonders at brunch, served alongside a bowl of soup. [Read more…]

Make “Way” Better Waffles by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

We know what you’re thinking: Waffles! How hard can that be to screw up? Well listen: There’s a lot that can go wrong with these griddled and golden fluffy frisbees. [Read more…]

11 Breadmaking Terms Every Serious Baker Should Know

So you’ve tried your hand at bread-making and discovered you’ve got a knack for it. But do you know your poolish from your preferment? Your miche from your boule? [Read more…]

The History of the Croissant

More complicated than just butter and flour.

A freshly baked, quality croissant is a marvel. It is part architecture and part alchemy; a miracle rendered in butter, flour, and sugar that is simultaneously crisp and pillow-tender, ethereally buttery yet light enough to eat at the start of the day. [Read more…]

Pane Pugliese

Pane Pugliese is a rustic yeasted white bread typical of the Puglia region of Italy. In this version, I swap out potato flour for cubes of cooked potato. [Read more…]

Umbrian Snowflake Cookies (Biscotti ai Cereali)

Cornflakes—both mixed into the batter and coating the cookies’ exterior—give these crumbly chocolate chip treats a pleasant crunch and a nutty flavor. Served at festivals, wineries, and charity bake sales, they’re a favorite of the residents of the Umbrian hill town of Montefalco. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Fruitcake

Fruitcake has a bad rap. But if you take the care to find good ingredients, or make them yourself (re: roast the walnuts, candy the fruit and ginger, and soak your own cherries in rum) like Houseman chef Ned Baldwin does, [Read more…]


Gluten-free Ricciarelli Italian Almond Cookies [Read more…]

Le Gibassier – A French Anise & Orange Flavored Loaf

A traditional French bread scented with anise and orange. [Read more…]

Strange Water Cake from Japan is Super Simple to Make

You’re not ready for this, we’re not ready for it – honestly – it looks like something from the future when in fact it’s actually dessert known as Water Cake. With people queueing to get their hands on one it’s basically Japan’s own cronut. [Read more…]