Goodbye Nutcracker, Hello Nut Hammer

London designer Roger Arquer has designed a new and improved nutcracker that doesn’t leave a mess behind. [Read more…]

Turn Your Slow Cooker into a Sous Vide Machine

The video, created by Chow, was originally posted in 2010 but with more and more people now aware of Sous Vide and more people choosing to buy professional cooking equipment for the home, it seemed like a nice way to show how similar cooking effects can be achieved with something [Read more…]

Ravioli Rolling Pin Makes Ravioli Easy

Fresh ravioli – it’s one of Italy’s top culinary wonders – a dish enjoyed with hundreds of different variations but one that always requires a lot of time and preparation in the kitchen. [Read more…]

France Introduces “Homemade” Label At Restaurants

France is upping its restaurant game with a new labeling system for foods that are “homemade.” Beginning today, a new black and white logo in the shape of a casserole with a rooftop will appear on restaurant foods that are presumably made from scratch. [Read more…]

Dates 101: A Primer on the Sweet Fruit + Lots of Ideas on How to Cook With Them

There are multitudes of reasons you should fall in love with dates, if you haven’t already — like, not only do they taste like candy, they’re loaded with calcium, iron, and magnesium. [Read more…]

The Stylish BBQ Grill You’ll Need This Summer

Behold the Grillo, a sleek stainless steel portable grill designed to let you fire up in style. With this hip BBQ grill you are bound to give everyone around you grill envy as your steaks sizzle away. [Read more…]

Cronut Creator Unleashes ‘Waffogato’

He may have wowed the world with his Cronut and cookie cups but Dominique Ansel isn’t one to rest on his laurels. The New York-baked pastry genius has now given the world the Waffogato, a playful twist on the espresso and ice cream dessert known in Italian as affogato. [Read more…]

FOOD ART – This 18th Century Intricate Carving Was Made From An Olive Pit

This 18th Century Intricate Carving Was Made From An Olive Pit Photo National Palace Museum of China [Read more…]

How to Make the Perfect Italian Pesto Sauce

A guide to Italian pesto sauce: from ingredients to cooking techniques, learn how to make pesto as they do in Italy. [Read more…]

Toast Your Bread with The Force

We’ve already brought you a coffee cup that uses the force to mix drinks at the push of a button and now, to make your Star Wars breakfast complete, we have another piece of film inspired fun for you. [Read more…]