Artist Makes Plush Toy Versions of Favorite Hipster Foods

If you like playing with your food, these plush toy versions of some hipster food favorites will probably be the artisanal stuffed creations of your dreams. [Read more…]

The Best Food Films

We give you 10 of the best foodie films ever made… [Read more…]

Taste Your Music

In what at first seems appear to be a joke video, a bunch of design students from Sweden have created Beatballs, a Roald Dahl looking machine that springs into action at the click of a button and actually cooks music – music inspired meatballs to be precise. [Read more…]

Smart Chopsticks Can Detect Contamination and Calories

It could be time to reassess everything you thought you knew about chopsticks thanks to this futuristic set of ‘smart chopsticks’ created by the Chinese search engine Baidu. [Read more…]

Goodbye Nutcracker, Hello Nut Hammer

London designer Roger Arquer has designed a new and improved nutcracker that doesn’t leave a mess behind. [Read more…]

Turn Your Slow Cooker into a Sous Vide Machine

The video, created by Chow, was originally posted in 2010 but with more and more people now aware of Sous Vide and more people choosing to buy professional cooking equipment for the home, it seemed like a nice way to show how similar cooking effects can be achieved with something [Read more…]

Ravioli Rolling Pin Makes Ravioli Easy

Fresh ravioli – it’s one of Italy’s top culinary wonders – a dish enjoyed with hundreds of different variations but one that always requires a lot of time and preparation in the kitchen. [Read more…]

Vananco Leaves

Vananco Leaves® is the Koppert Cress brand name for an edible flower. Vananco Leaves are striking in appearance; the purple flower with white accents is prominent in any dish. Vananco Leaves have a neutral flavour, with the flower having a range of uses. With their bright colour, the flower or separate petals are lovely in desserts or salads and with either fish or meat. [Read more…]

Sunseeker attended Dubai Boat Show 2013

Renowned for its skyscraper buildings, Dubai takes the same approach to its Boat Show as it does to its architecture, with some of the biggest boats and yachts in the world on display. Guests at the Boat Show, which took place at the famous Dubai Marina, were able to get up close and personal with the Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht Princess K. [Read more…]


The elixir at the heart of Drambuie was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. It is a unique combination of aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and a blend of herbs and spices – a recipe kept secret since 1745.

[Read more…]