Zinfandel Is Coming Home

Fifteen years after the big discovery that Zinfandel was actually Tribidrag or Crljenak kaštelanski, this great grape variety is coming back to its homeland. Join more than one hundred and fifty wine lovers and experts from all over the world who will have an opportunity to learn more about Tribidrag at the I Am Tribidrag Conference, the 1st International Conference on Tribidrag, to be organised on 27 and 28 April 2017, in Split, Croatia – the land of its roots.
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Winston Churchill spent $150k a year on wine

We all knew that Winston Churchill had alcohol in his veins for a good part of his life, but how much did all that grog cost? [Read more…]

What Is Terroir?

Nobody quite understands this intangible characteristic, yet it’s incredibly important in the wine world. [Read more…]

Veuve Clicquot to raise Pinot Noir in La Grande Dame

Veuve Clicquot chef de cave Dominique Demarville is out to showcase the elegance of Pinot Noir with major changes to the blend of the prestige cuvée Champagne La Grande Dame. [Read more…]

Roederer to make ‘Coteaux Champenois’ red wine from 2015 harvest

Louis Roederer’s chef de cave, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, has told Decanter.com that he plans to make a still Pinot Noir from the 2015 harvest from a specially planted vineyard in Champagne. [Read more…]

New Champagne film offers 360 degree views of vineyards, cellars

A new Champagne film that allows mobile and tablet users to rotate their view by 360 degrees has been launched to promote the region’s vineyards and cellars following its UNESCO World Heritage status. [Read more…]

WineGlass Turns Wine Menus into Interactive Displays

If you’ve ever been sat staring at a long wine list wondering what the hell you’re going to order, this app is one you need to add to your arsenal. [Read more…]

A Crash Course in Spotting Fake Wine From the Sherlock Holmes of Wine

For big-time wine collectors, counterfeit wine is a real concern. That’s when people have to call in the big guns like top wine fraud investigator Maureen Downey, aka the Sherlock Holmes of Wine. [Read more…]

10 Ways to Know/Develop Your Wine Palate

You know your taste in clothes, shoes, food and cars, but do you know your taste in wine? If you had asked me ten years ago before I started living in Italy, I would have said, “No.” and “Who cares? Wine snobs are boring.” [Read more…]

8 curious facts about the world of wine

Where is the oldest winery in the world? How many grapes go into a 75 cl bottle? What gives wine its color? Here are 8 curious questions about the world of winemaking. [Read more…]