France Introduces “Homemade” Label At Restaurants

France is upping its restaurant game with a new labeling system for foods that are “homemade.” Beginning today, a new black and white logo in the shape of a casserole with a rooftop will appear on restaurant foods that are presumably made from scratch. [Read more…]

Hotel launches ‘steak-infused’ cocktail

A “steak-infused” cocktail has been launched by a hotel in Manchester in the latest twist on the trend for savoury cocktails. [Read more…]

“Special Selection” de Bordeaux

These wines have been chosen because they represent good value for money and show the true identity of each appellation while remaining approachable and ready to drink. [Read more…]

Watch Yoshihiro Narisawa Make Soil Soup

The team at Diners Club International have made a great video with chef Yoshihiro Narisawa at his Les Creations de Narisawa restaurant in Tokyo. [Read more…]

Israeli Gastronomy, the Future Around a Table

Some of top Israeli chefs gathered together, invited by S.Pellegrino, to discuss the debate on the future and upcoming challenges of Israeli cuisine. [Read more…]

A look at some of the best female chefs in the world

PARIS, March 25 — The next woman to be named the world’s best female chef will join an elite sorority of colleagues who have carved a name and reputation for themselves in a distinctly man’s world.
Today, organisers of the influential and career-catapulting World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards will bestow the lofty title on an exceptional female chef whose cooking “excites the toughest critics”. [Read more…]

Native Cuisine of a New Order

As an exclusive sneak preview into FOUR’s latest International edition, Andrea Petrini discovers primitive dishes formed from wild products of micro–agriculture in Chile… [Read more…]

Dining Etiquette Around the World

How should you sit at the table? Where exactly should the knife and fork be placed when you’re finished eating? What are the big mistakes to avoid when dining in another country? [Read more…]

Restaurant That Invented Tiramisu Is Closing

Italy is losing a piece of its history as Le Beccherie, the restaurant that is credited with inventing tiramisu, will close at the end of the month. [Read more…]

Knife Know-How for Kids: A New Tool Set to Teach Your Youngsters Proper Knife Skills

The smart, crisp packaging and bold red detailing of renowned French cutlery company Opinel’s Le Petit Chef box caught our eye immediately, but it’s the set’s pure functionality and effectiveness that won us over. [Read more…]