Valencia’s Newest Contemporary Wine Shop Design: Vegamar Selección

Visiting Valencia soon? If so and you’re a wine connoisseur, we’ve got a tasty surprise shaped like the future. In other words, one of Valencia’s busy shopping streets – Calle Colón – is decorated with a fantastically modern Wine Shop completed by Valencia-based architectural practice Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in 2014. The Vegamar Selección Wine Shop will astound you with its luminous interiors and wine selection. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Love Wine

Wine is the perfect metaphor for the stages of a human life. An astonishing parallelism that essentially encapsulates the life cycle of any living thing: birth, the joys of an exuberant youth, becoming more moderate with age, reaching a decisive moment and growing old, oxidizing until death. [Read more…]

Wine Condoms

The ultimate protection for wine lovers! They say “necessity is the mother of all inventions”

…in our case, it just took a SENSE OF HUMOR! [Read more…]

Sauza Tequila and Justin Timberlake join forces with Sauza 901

Sauza Tequila, one of the oldest and most storied houses in tequila, and Justin Timberlake have joined forces to launch Sauza 901 super-premium tequila. The co-branded partnership blends the creativity and one-of-a-kind personality of the 901 brand’s founder with the quality and history of iconic Sauza Tequila to craft a dynamic lifestyle spirits brand. [Read more…]

Wine Tasting Placemats

Planning on hosting your own wine tasting? Download these free wine placemats to make your tasting party more interactive. [Read more…]

The Dalmore introduces new 25 year old Scotch

Luxury Scotch maker The Dalmore has released a new 25 year old expression. The Scotch whiskey joins the 12, 15, 18, Cigar Malt Reserve and King Alexander III as an addition to its Principal Collection of malts. Only 3,000 bottles of the new expression will be produced annually. Pricing is about $800. [Read more…]

Thieves hijack Lea & Sandeman Champagne

Wine merchant Lea & Sandeman is offering a liquid reward for information on thieves who impersonated warehouse staff to steal hundreds of bottles of Champagne. [Read more…]

Legless Pirate Corkscrew Bottle Opener

The legless pirate corkscrew and bottle opener, is a bottle opener shaped like a pirate that has one leg, which is the corkscrew, and even has a pirate bandana, an eye patch, an earing, a beard, and even sneaks in a parrot that actually took me a while to find. [Read more…]

The $25,000 bottle of rum – also known as the rum and broke

When it comes to Legacy, a new rum from Angostura (the same Trinidadian brand behind the beloved bitters), you’ll probably want to forgo the mixing. That’s because this is a rum intended to stand on its own. And it has that stand-alone price of $25,000. To put that into perspective, you could buy around 1,500 bottles of the base-level version of Bacardi, one of the world’s most popular rum brands, for that figure. [Read more…]

New gadget can ‘age’ wine in minutes, inventors claim

A new gadget which claims to ‘age’ wine in minutes, improving its taste and making it more mellow, could be on sale by the end of the year after tests in the US proved successful. The Wine Wizard uses electro-magnetic and acoustic waves to increase the wine’s pH, reducing acidity and sulphite levels in a process that lasts 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of ‘maturation’ required – light, medium or maximum. [Read more…]