Zinfandel Is Coming Home

Fifteen years after the big discovery that Zinfandel was actually Tribidrag or Crljenak kaštelanski, this great grape variety is coming back to its homeland. Join more than one hundred and fifty wine lovers and experts from all over the world who will have an opportunity to learn more about Tribidrag at the I Am Tribidrag Conference, the 1st International Conference on Tribidrag, to be organised on 27 and 28 April 2017, in Split, Croatia – the land of its roots.
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The 30 Second Wine Advisor

Wine Focus: Zinfandel and its cousins

Zinfandel! Call it Zin for short, or Primitivo, Tribidrag, Crljenak Kaštelanski, Plavac Mali … [Read more…]

The top 5 food and drink holidays in Croatia

Our experts’ pick of the top five food and drink holidays in Croatia for 2015, including wine tasting, truffle hunting and traditional Croatian cookery courses, in destinations including Dubrovnik, Istria and Sibenik [Read more…]

The 5 Best Wine Pairings for Easter Lamb

Lamb is traditionally–and symbolically–the main dish at Easter dinner. I like it so much, I cook it all year long. But, according to a survey by the American Lamb Board, almost 40% of Americans have never tasted this luscious cut of meat. If you’re one of them, this is the season to try it, along with some beautiful red wines. Younger (spring!) lambs taste milder and less gamey, but still deliver a richness that rivals steak. That makes the meat ideal for dry, fruit-forward red wines. [Read more…]

New gadget can ‘age’ wine in minutes, inventors claim

A new gadget which claims to ‘age’ wine in minutes, improving its taste and making it more mellow, could be on sale by the end of the year after tests in the US proved successful. The Wine Wizard uses electro-magnetic and acoustic waves to increase the wine’s pH, reducing acidity and sulphite levels in a process that lasts 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of ‘maturation’ required – light, medium or maximum. [Read more…]

Plančić vinery and Travels InStyle agency


WOW’s (Women on Wine) have attended a very interesting event organized by Danijela Petričević Golojuh and  Maja Serdar, owner of the Travels InStyle agency. [Read more…]

Croatia Wine Tourism: Hvar Leading The Way With Wine Time Traveller Concept

As Croatia braces itself for yet another hectic tourist season, there is one Croatian island which will be offering more than just sun, sea and seafood. Visitors to the idyllic Dalmatian island of Hvar can now learn all about the island’s fascinating 2,400 year wine-producing history thanks to the Hvar Wine Time Traveller concept. [Read more…]

Croatia has its own Grand Cru – meet Grand Cro!

Grand Cro association gathers nine excellent Croatian wineries – winery Baković, BIBICH, Bolfan Vinski vrh, Boškinac, Duboković, Korta Katarina, Meneghetti, Roxanich and Saints Hills. [Read more…]

The cream of Croatia’s coastal and island restaurants

Along Croatia’s Adriatic coast you will find the freshest and tastiest of ingredients, menus designed according to the season and recipes that have been passed down through generations. Traditional family restaurants serve up exquisite fresh meat and fish on the islands, while in the larger cities and coastal hotels fine dining has arrived, with some restaurants creating an intriguing fusion of tradition and modernity. [Read more…]

Pink Day Zagreb

Festival će se održati u petak, 8.3. 2013. u Muzeju za umjetnost i obrt, a bit će u cijelosti posvećen vinu, ženama, ženskom zdravlju, kulturi (promocija knjige „Žene nikad ne stare“, I. Caputo, Planetopija), umjetnosti (izložba „Staklo, moje drugo tijelo“ G. Drinković) i ružičastim vinima i pjenušcima u suradnji s hrvatskim i inozemnim vinarima. [Read more…]