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Wine Focus: Zinfandel and its cousins

Zinfandel! Call it Zin for short, or Primitivo, Tribidrag, Crljenak Kaštelanski, Plavac Mali … [Read more…]

The 5 Best Wine Pairings for Easter Lamb

Lamb is traditionally–and symbolically–the main dish at Easter dinner. I like it so much, I cook it all year long. But, according to a survey by the American Lamb Board, almost 40% of Americans have never tasted this luscious cut of meat. If you’re one of them, this is the season to try it, along with some beautiful red wines. Younger (spring!) lambs taste milder and less gamey, but still deliver a richness that rivals steak. That makes the meat ideal for dry, fruit-forward red wines. [Read more…]

1976 Judgement of Paris wines enter US hall of fame

The Napa wines that famously beat France’s best in the 1976 Judgement of Paris tasting have been chosen from among millions of artefacts as one of the 101 items that ‘made America’. [Read more…]

New gadget can ‘age’ wine in minutes, inventors claim

A new gadget which claims to ‘age’ wine in minutes, improving its taste and making it more mellow, could be on sale by the end of the year after tests in the US proved successful. The Wine Wizard uses electro-magnetic and acoustic waves to increase the wine’s pH, reducing acidity and sulphite levels in a process that lasts 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of ‘maturation’ required – light, medium or maximum. [Read more…]

The Prosecco Police Are Coming For You

An Italian special agent has been tasked by the government to patrol bars and restaurants as part of a crackdown on fake Prosecco wine. [Read more…]

Heavy rains across Europe delay growth ‘by three weeks’

The heavy rains that have been falling across France and much of Europe for the past few weeks have halted vine growth in many regions, jeopardising flowering at a crucial time of the year.

In Burgundy, almost 400mm of rain has fallen since 27 April on the Cote d’Or – more than double the average. Growers say that the harvest is unlikely to begin before October, which will be three to four weeks late. [Read more…]

New millionaire wine making neighbours in Tuscany

The Tuscan wine making regions, especially Montalcino, attract people with immense fortunes who want to see their name on dream bottles

Next door to Casato Prime Donne a property has been bought by Alejandro Pedro Bulgheroni Argentinean billionaire from the petrol sector with investments al lover the world and vineyards in Argentina, Uruguay and California. We expect him to transform the present rural buildings, in front of us, into a villa with heliport. [Read more…]


Benvenuto Brunello is an international event that takes place each year in February. On February 22nd, this year’s celebration will start and continue until the 25th. [Read more…]

Masseto wine – The Vintages

The first wine produced and released from the Masseto vineyard was the 1986 vintage. It was simply called “Merlot“. The name of Masseto then appeared on the label with the 1987 vintage. [Read more…]

Le Donne del vino del Piemonte adottano il vino in anfora georgiano

La delegazione Piemonte de Le Donne del vino, a partire dall’edizione 2010 di Terra Madre ha deciso di supportare il Presidio del vino in anfora georgiano e precisamente quello del villaggio Nakhshirgele, nella regione di Imereti che si trova nella parte occidentale del paese. [Read more…]