Beluga Caviar is the most sought after Caviar due to its definitive buttery taste. It’s the most well rounded of all the Caviar and usually the most expensive. You can find several different variations when you Buy Beluga Caviar. It’s a dish that can stand alone or a dish that accompanies a variety of main courses. People Buy Beluga Caviar for various reason; usually for the the taste alone and not simply to impress the guests.

Beluga Caviar comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, which is a fish that is rarely caught. Only about 100 Beluga Sturgeon are caught each year, driving up the price of this delicacy. Advice from Caviar lovers is to simple eat Beluga as is because the flavor is relatively mild and can be easily masked if cooked. No pun intended here, but the Beluga Caviar taste is a fresh one that resonates with your pallette immediately; perhaps no coincidence these fish eggs come from largest freshwater fish. Fishing for these rare fish is very limited and only doable in certain Seas.

Most people who buy Beluga Caviar think that the color is black. However, Beluga Caviar is dark gray in color and similar to other shades of less expensive caviar. Seek help of a professional so you don’t get took by someone selling you something of a lower grade. Beluga Caviar is very expensive and not something you risk wasting your money on. Beluga Caviar is expensive for good reason as any true Caviar fan will tell you, it is simply the best available. Nothing pairs with a nice glass of champagne better than a clean bite of Beluga Caviar and sometimes the two are even packaged together.

Buying Beluga Caviar with your first Caviar purchase is a bold statement, but at least you can’t go wrong with your selection. Be prepared to spend a nice chunk of money, but if you’re going to go to do it..go all out and buy Beluga Caviar if you want an undeniably smooth taste and some very impressed guests. Experience the finer things in life and live like a millionaire with Beluga Caviar.