Chef Don’s Serving Suggestions

Here are a few great suggestions from Chef Don for Gourmet Village products. He was serving these at the recent CGTA Gift Show in Toronto and everyone loved them!

READY TO SERVE 12 VEGETABLE ANTIPASTO – steam white asparagus until just tender, arrange on a platter (they would look great on a Gourmet Village Venetia rectangular platter) and top with Gourmet Village Antipasto.

CLAM CHOWDER – substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes in the recipe. Follow the rest of the directions provided on the recipe box. Delicious!

READY TO SERVE CHIPOTLE PEPPER OLIVE DIP – Sauté thin veal cutlets (scaloppini) gently until cooked through, top with CHIPOTLE PEPPER OLIVE DIP, some crumbled Asiago cheese, and caramelized onion. This makes a great quick main course for easy entertaining.

PINA COLADA DESSERT MIX – prepare Cheese Cake according to package directions, but fill individual tartlet shells instead of using one graham crust and top each tartlet with a fresh berry or fruit preserves. (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry…..whatever you like).

BUTTERMILK PANCAKE MIX & HOT PEPPER JELLY – prepare small pancakes 2 or 3 inch size and top with Hot Pepper Jelly.