Cherries Glamour

Blood red, juicy and voluptuous, cherries have always been the more glamorous member in the fruit family. Known for their temperamental fruiting seasons, they are a relatively rare treat whenever they are available. After years of research and cultivation, Spanish farmer Oscar Ortiz, has developed a way to cultivate the fruit even when they are supposed to be out of season. This means that during the worldwide “cherry drought” from March 15 to April 25, Ortiz’s Red Gold Cherries will be the only cherries available to the world.

Cherries Glamour named their cherries ‘Red Gold’ due to its unbeatable taste and high value. Each individual cherry costs approximately €3.50 and can only be found in gourmet stores in UK, Russia, Qatar, Dubai, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Kuwait and Singapore.

Cherries Glamour is definitely for individuals looking for a luxury taste. They are an absolute delicacy.

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