Chewable Coffee Will Be Newest Way to Get More Caffeine

The future of coffee is not nitro-tapped cold brew or pumpkin spice lattes that actually have pumpkin in them. It’s chewable “gummy coffee bites”—at least according to the maker of Go Cubes gummy coffee bites.

Last week, San Francisco–based Nootrobox launched an Indiegogo campaign to try to raise $20,000 for coffee in gummy form, a product called Go Cubes. The idea seems pretty straightforward: Two of these “yummy” gummies, which are made with “real cold-brew coffee,” pack as much of a punch as a cup of coffee, making them “super easy to grab on the go.” They come in three flavors: Pure Drip, Latte and Mocha. The company also touts them as costing “way less than Starbucks,” with the cost coming out to around $1.25 per cup depending on what package you buy.

You’d think they could simply stop there, but each 35-calorie Go Cube is also “crafted for performance,” meaning that unlike your typical cup of joe, Nootrobox also packs gummies with B-vitamins, L-Theanine and “other compounds that stack well with caffeine [to] round out a highly performant nootropic.” I’m not sure whether to be excited or to have a conversation with my doctor.

Interested parties can find all sorts of different packages on the brand’s Indiegogo site allowing people to buy anywhere from 24 to thousands of Go Cubes (that’s a lot of L-Theanine!). The campaign is about halfway to its goal, though the project is set up for flexible funding, so you’ll probably be shipped your Go Cubes either way.

If you’re in need of energy but sick of liquids, Go Cubes actually sound like they could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Assuming, of course, you haven’t already moved on to amphetamines.

Chewable Coffee Will Be Newest Way to Get More Caffeine

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