Chocolate with Pag Island Cheese

Produced exclusively from the milk of the autochthonous sheep on the Island of Pag, Paški Sir is the most famous ewes’ milk cheese in all of Croatia. This is a one-year-aged pasteurized cheese made from the sheep raised on the island of Pag, Croatia. The sheep are a special breed, smaller than average with limited milk production.

The island is windy with little vegetation, what little grass it has is in the hills, and due to the crosswinds much of the salt water blows over it. The sheep produce very little milk, maximum just a liter per day. On top of that their diet is influenced by the salty grass they eat. In total it takes 6 sheep or more to produce one wheel of cheese.

Pag Island Cheese

At a recently held  „Pag cuisine“ festival, Croatian chocolate producer Dubravko Vitlov has shown how to combine widely known Pag island cheese with delicious hand made artisan chocolate.

Sweet taste in the beginning is followed by picant and salty taste, definately worth a try!