Classic Cheese & Wine Pairings

Cheese and wine are perfect summer fare. Both are easy to serve and both are simple, two qualities that are ideal for making summer snacking special. A lot of people, myself included (what do you think I’m about to do?), will try to tell you how to enjoy your cheese and wine. Before I delve into the ways of cheese pairing, let’s just get one thing perfectly straight: the best cheese and wine pairing is the one you like the best.

I’m about to beat the most clichéd cheese and wine pairing in the book, but if you love goat cheese with a tannic red, go for it and don’t let anyone dissuade you. At the same time, if you’re open to experimenting with cheese and wine pairings, check out the following list for some tips on making your summertime cheese and wine pairings a hit!

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