Clever Gadget will Change Your Wine Cellar Forever

The Coravin Wine Access Technology, CWAT for short, has finally launched and promises to allow you to crack into that precious bottle of wine in the cellar without having to worry about it going stale in the recently oxidised bottle.

A thin hollow needle pierces the cork, the small  gadget then pressurises the wine using a gas called Argon, this pressurisation inside the bottle then allows people to pour their wine without removing the cork.

The technology promises to reduce wasted wine and also give people with a serious wine collection the chance of tasting a wine without needing to finish the bootle.

It’s available for the pretty hefty price tag of $299, a small price to pay for any serious wine collector. Take a look at the video below to see the device in action.

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Clever Gadget will Change Your Wine Cellar Forever