Clever Invention Brings Authentic Pizza into The Home

The Chadwick Oven is a device that hopes to bring the great taste of wood fire ovens to the home with a simple contraption that sits directly on the stove top and gets hot enough to cook authentically crispy pizza in just 4 minutes.

The oven is made to circulate heat in a clever way that allows it to reach temperatures as high as 500ºC. Users sit the device to heat up on a gas stovetop for 10 minutes before adding their pizza to the oven. From here the pizza cooks in a similar way to the effect given in a wood fire oven thanks to the extremely high heat generated inside.

The design has picked up some celebrity chef admirers with Fergus Henderson of St John in London claiming the device is “Magic”, adding: “the dough bursts into life, just like it does in a wood-fired oven!”

The Chadwick Oven costs around $590 (£360) and comes with the oven, a pizza paddle, pizza stone, a stand and heat shields. You can watch the oven in action in the video below and here’s some great tips on how to make Neapolitan pizza at home.

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Clever Invention Brings Authentic Pizza into The Home