Creator of ‘Vegan Eggs’ Expands Product Line

A while back Josh Tetrick introduced the world to vegan eggs – a plant-based egg substitute backed by Microsoft giant Bill Gates. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the entrepreneur revealed a new partnership and ideas for expanding his product line.

In order to crack into the vegan egg market, Tetrick founded Hampton Creek, a food line through which he sells an egg-free mayonnaise called Just Mayo. Based on the popularity of his product, Tetrick expanded his line to include a chipotle-flavored mayo and egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough.

Although Just Mayo is available at a some supermarket chains across America, Tetrick told Bloomberg TV his company partnered with nationwide retailer Target in an effort to make his products available to more people.

Creator of 'Vegan Eggs' Expands Product Line

Aside from catering to cholesterol-watching vegans and people with egg allergies, Tetrick said his plans for the future go beyond eggs. He hopes to develop plant-based sugar substitutes and plants that could be a “hyper source of protein” to feed the developing world.

“Our big idea is that food needs to get better. It could be about cookies, it could be about mayo…we are starting out by saying there are 400,000 plant species around the world and we can use them to make everyday food a little bit better.”

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