Croatian Saffron

Did you know that Croatia has its own production of saffron? Suavis is Croatia’s leading firm in the production of saffron, an authentic delight appreciated by the best chefs and lovers of refined taste. It is a rather versatile ingredient used in the preparation of tasteful and amazing dishes, from starters to desserts, traditional recipes and high-quality cuisine specialities based on saffron or just spiced up with its aroma, colour and taste.

The saffron fields are located in the area of Nedešćina at an altitude of 300 metres, on a karst plateau near the sea and the Nature Park of Učka (1,400 metres). Thanks to the mineral properties of Istria’s red soil, the complexity of the local weather conditions and the specific production procedure defined in years of testing, the saffron of Suavis has excellent organoleptic qualities.

At the beginning of October the fields become violet and then there starts an ancient rite that has remained unaltered for centuries. For a couple of days clever and quick hands harvest and clean saffron flowers, one by one, keeping just the three intense red stigmas. Dried with the use of oak charcoal and according to traditional methods, the stigmas keep their qualities unaltered over time. By toasting the stigmas of about 140 flowers it is possible to obtain one gram of the saffron spice.

Istria’s saffron obtained in this way has a vivid colour, a delicate and persistent flavour, and an intense aroma with floral notes. It complies with the ISO/IS 3632-2:2003 quality standards, which refer to the first category.

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