CULINARY taste the identity the program

This year Culinaria offers its audience of experts, who work, cooks and especially lovers and curious, a special edition flavors from local but also international.

It is no coincidence that this year’s theme is the market, understood as a meeting place between commodities and food, but also as a crossroads of cultures, traditions and flavors.

Our live market influences of traditional techniques as inspiration for the modern kitchen.

In previous years we have always paid great attention to the figure of the cook, the chef and the author’s creativity in the kitchen. A choice related to the desire to affirm the highpoint of culinary science through the figure of the chef as a synthesis of research and tradition.

Now we want to go back thousands of years and bring to the fore the merchants who, after selecting the excellence of the territory, fueled and made possible exchanges between the culinary traditions of different countries.

Want to celebrate the market as a place historically used for tasting, taste and the table.

The market is also a valuable deterrent to qualitative deficiencies of large retailers but above all it is the place par excellence where get advice and tips on cooking.

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CULINARY taste the identity the program

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Saturday, March 16
Sunday, March 17
MONDAY March 18