Davidoff Nicaragua Pre-Release Cigar Review

On June 20, 2013, 150 retailers and bloggers descended on Manhattan for the unveiling of a Davidoff product 10 years in the making. I was lucky enough to join the small group of people in New York City to be among the first to see, taste, and experience Davidoff Nicaragua. A new cigar that will be available later this year. What we got to see was not only exciting and new, but within the world of Davidoff, groundbreaking and what many thought impossible. Henke Kelner, master blender of Davidoff cigars, was on hand to speak about the project, and his words echoed that same sentiment. Henke said for many years he believed it impossible for Nicaraguan tobacco’s to meet the strict standards that Davidoff holds its products to; impossible to create a product that was at the same time familiar to the Davidoff connoisseur while also being a new exploration for their palate.

But the impossible was proven possible on this night! Davidoff Nicaragua was born a thought 10 years ago, but on June 20, 2013, the exploration, adventure and discovery of Davidoff Nicaragua became a reality. Coming in 3 sizes, today we will be enjoying the robusto size, a 5×50 Nicaraguan puro. The other 2 vitolas that will be available at launch are a short corona measuring 3.75×46 and a toro coming in at 5.5×54. And while this cigar is completed using all Nicaraguan tobacco’s, it is still rolled in the Davidoff factory in Dominican Republic.

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