Dentex fillet with potato gnocchi, candied lemon and rocket

Fillet and bone the dentex, remove the skin and bake at 180°C for 5 minutes. Boil the potatoes and sift them. Mix the potatoes with the egg yolk, the flour, the salt and the nutmeg. Arrange very small gnocchi.

Add red wine and sugar until you obtain a syrupy mixture. Beat half the rocket until you obtain a sauce. Serve with gnocchi seasoned with the lemon peel and some candied lemon peels, the red wine sauce and the rocket sauce. Garnish with some rocket leaves and the powdered capers.

I have paired this dish with the Baccante 2008 wine produced by Abbazia Santa Anastasia.

This recipe is by Taverna del Sarino and has been reported by Marina Alaimo.


Dentex fillet cooked at low temperature with potato gnocchi, candied lemon and rocket (click on photo)

– 520 g dentex

– 250 g potatoes

– 70 g “00” flour

– 20 g egg yolk

– nutmeg

– 2 lemons

– rocket

– 100 g red wine

– 20 g sugar

– powered capers

– extra virgin olive oil

– salt and pepper